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Achva Vanilla Flavored Sesame Halva

Today I am reviewing


Achva halva

Vanilla Flavored Sesame Halva.
Having never tried halva before, nor really knowing what it was I’m not 100% sure why I picked up this little tub in the world food section of Tesco, but upon discovering it met my dietary requirements I bought it.

What is it?
A sweet desserty confectionary
Made from sesame paste (tahini?)
Wikipedia says this type of Halva is popular in Poland and the Middle East.

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10 Acre When The Cheese Met The Onion Flavour Crisps

Today we are reviewing


Ten Acre Hand Cooked Crisps in ‘The Story Of When The Cheese Met The Onion’.

I have searched long and hard for a dairy free cheese and onion crisp so was excited to find these little beauties whilst ordering from veganstore.  These are completely vegan, gluten-free crisps, kosher, hallal and very yummy. 

The bag is a good wholesome cheese and onion green and I think the design is modern looking whilst maintaining a natural theme. The ingredients are also reassuringly quite natural, onion features heavily and I’m guessing the cheesiness comes from nutritional yeast.

Upon opening the bag you are met with a glorious strong cheese and onion flavour. The crisps are firm and crunchy and have a lovely golden brown colour to them that you expect from handcooked crisps. They are quite small crisps but the quality and taste is a good trade off.

Taste wise they are just simply the cheese and onion you’ve been searching for. Hubbypants and Fussy-Toddler loved them and I wish I had ordered far more packets!

10Acre also make such vegan flavours as BBQ and even chicken which I would love to try.

These cost 80p from The Vegan Store.

5/5 really yummy

Pros: good quality, vegan, freefrom loads of stuff. Really yummy!!!

Cons: too expensive to buy loads of.

Update: you really shouldn’t kiss anyone you care about after eating these…

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