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500 Likes! (Plus favourite reviews)

Thank you everybody!



I an really happy to have received 500 likes on Thank You For The Moosick, to think that readers have taken the time to ‘like’ a review means a lot.


To celebrate this small milestone I have included below a list of some of my favourite products I have reviewed.

I think for 1000 Likes I shall organise a giveaway of some free from goodies.

Some of my favourite dairy-free reviews (all also gluten free and vegan unless stated):
Tesco Freefrom Strawberry and Vanilla Cones ‘Cornettos’
Violife Cheese Block
Swedish Glace Icecream
Directions Hair Dye
Lazy Day Tiffin
10 Acre Cheese & Onion Crisps
Food Heaven Cheesecake
Sainsbury’s Naans (not vegan)
Kiddylicious Smoothie Melts
Tesco Choc Muffin (not vegan)
Goody Good Stuff Cola Bottles

Thank you again everybody

No Moo, No Sick!

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Liebster Award (I’d like to thank my mum, my husband, my daughter, my cat, my rabbit…)

Well what great news Thank You For The Moosick has been nominated (twice; simultaneously as it happens) for a Liebster Award.


Once by the lovely Ellie & Alex of Vegan Bungalow and once by the equally lovely Tan of Vegabetes.

The Liebster rules are:

post the award logo on your blog

link back to the person who nominated you

answer the questions set for you

nominate 10 other bloggers (preferably with less than 200 followers) and let them know they’ve been nominated

create 10 questions for your nominees

I’m going to try to combine the two noms and answer both sets of questions.

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Lazy Day Tiffin

Tonight we are reviewing


Lazy Day Belgian Chocolate Tiffin

The discovery of this in Sainsburys made me so very happy. I remember finding the ginger tiffin variety just after I discovered that dairy was making me seriously sick and it simply changed everything. It WAS possible to eat yummy choc based yums whilst dairy free and everything was going to be OK.

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Genius Pains Au Chocolate

Today we are reviewing


Genius Pains Au Chocolate

As part of my Sainsbury’s Free From Haul me and Hubbypants scoffed these for Sunday afternoon tea.

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What can I make with this coconut oil?

I bought this coconut oil from Tesco for £2.25 mainly for my hair but am thinking that there must be something yummy I could make with it too.


What do you make with your coconut oil?

Thanks 🙂

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Food Heaven Lemon Cheesecake

This evening we are reviewing my latest discovery


Food Heaven Lemon Cheesecake (free from dairy, lactose, gluten, eggs and nuts).

Food Heaven are as their website states  “a range of delectable dairy free desserts that are carefully made to put taste buds on cloud nine.” When I saw this little thing staring down at me from the Asda freefrom freezer section (singing “buy me Bex, buy me” …honest…) I actually made this noise ‘oooooow’. Cloud nine here I come!
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