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Seeking a Coconut Free Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap and showergel

Today I am looking for help.


I’m wondering if anybody can suggest a shampoo, conditioner and shower gel that would be suitable for my two year old daughter who has developed a serious allergy to coconut and coconut derived ingredients.

Unfortunately as you can see from the list below this excludes a lot of traditional ingredients in ‘cleaning’ products such as the Laureth Sulfates.

Her allergy has escalated from being triggered by eating coconut ingredients to the point that now she starts exhibiting symptoms if an ingredient touches her skin, even diluted in a bath!

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La Riche Directions Vegan Hair Dye (White toner)

Something a bit different today but still freefrom.


This photo from Amazon cause my photos were awful!

After having coloured my hair many bright colours over the last ten years I decided to dye my hair black just before I gave birth to Toddlerini, naturally this bored me after about a week and I’ve been gradually getting back to my natural colour ever since. About two weeks ago I got bored with my natural dark blonde hair and decided to bleach it. I of course was left with quite a bit of yellow (thank you Celtic ginger genes). This little pot of dye is designed to turn them a whiter shade of pale.

La Riche Directions White Toner/Hair Dye

What is it?
Temporary white hair dye
Used to cancel out yellow tones in bleached hair

Wash hair with clarifying shampoo
Towel dry
Add dye
Sit and wait for 15 mins (some would say upwards of an hour – it will not damage your hair)
Rinse in warm not hot water
Dry as usual

Free from:
Animal products
Animal testing

Thus suitable for:
Pretty much everyone

Looks like:
A small tub of hair dye
Lilac (don’t worry it just cancels yellowy tones

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