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Blog Party – Promote Your Blog Today

Welcome to my Blog Party! Have some dairy free cake and pass the veggie sausage rolls…


1. Post a link to the best of your blog in the comments section of the Blog Party post.

2. No more than 1 link per post..

3. …and no more than 3 posts throughout the day (WordPress will think you are spamming).

4. Only post your link/s on the official Blog Party page (it will go live at 00.01 5th of 11th 2015).

5. Make an effort to visit at least one other Party Guest’s links.

6. Please follow us and/or link back to us. (You are welcome to use our little Moo Party poster above).

Here are our most popular posts:
The Great Free From Christmas Pudding Review 2015

Are Oreos vegan / vegetarian / dairy free?

Is Hartley’s Jelly vegan / vegetarian / dairy free?

We will be partying from 00.01 til 23.59 so make sure to pop by often to see all the links.

Thank You For The Moosick
– Dairy Free Reviews

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