Moo Free Chocolates Quicky Review

Feeling utterly awful full of cold symptoms. Possibly the worst cold I’ve ever had. Horrid.

Mini Moo Free Chocolate Bars are def worth trying tho!

Vegan, Dairy-free and gluten-free.
90p each.





Really nice

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4 thoughts on “Moo Free Chocolates Quicky Review

  1. I’ve never seen these- where do you find them? Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo K

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  2. So sorry to hear you have a cold. Must be the English drizzle getting to you. We’re expecting snow today, so no cold-damp-British-colds for me lol. Very envious of the chocolate bar – our selection over here is still kinda limited. Get well soon.


  3. pinkiebag says:

    I love these, I think the mint is my favourite at the moment.


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