Chi Caffe Latte

Today I am reviewing


Chi Caffe Latte. Just spotted this in Asda and since it was on offer for £1 I decided to try one. Oddly enough it was with the standard drinks not the freefrom section and I did not know until today that these were Dairy-free.

What is it?
Coconut based drink with espresso
Cold coffee

Water, coconut cream, coconut palm sugar, insulin, coffee powder, natural flavourings, sucrose ester.

Free from:
Soya (as far as I can see)

Thus suitable for:
Allergy/intolerance sufferers

Looks like:
Milky coffee
Opaque golden brown liquid

Smells like:
Very mildly coffee
Coconut cream

Tastes like:
Mild coffee with a under note of coconut.
I shook and shook and shook my carton and it still had lumps of settled cream
I think I would have preferred this a little sweeter.

£1 in Asda (on offer)

This just wasn’t as nice as I wanted this to be.
Noting the advice on the (pretty) carton to shake, I shook it like Taylor Swift but still found slightly gelatinous lumps of coconut cream in each mouthful.
I my personal opinion the flavour would have benefitted from being slightly sweeter and having altogether more strength.
I just wouldn’t buy it again on this experience.

2/5 – maybe I had an unlucky experience with this product.

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One thought on “Chi Caffe Latte

  1. pinkiebag says:

    Great to see more dairy free options becoming available. Thanks for sharing.


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