Dairy-free Easter Chocolate 2015


With Easter Sunday less than a week away let’s take a look at dairy-free Easter eggs, bunnies and err…easter shapes currently available.


Low Budget £0-£2
Choices White Choc Bunny – £1 T
Moo Free Mini Bunnycomb – 95p S
Hotel Chocolate Bunny Lick – £1.95 HC


Mid Budget £2-£9.99
Choices White Choc egg & buttons – £3.50 S
Sainsbury’s Freefrom Chocolate Easter egg – £3.49 S
Choices Caramel Easter Egg – £3.50 S
Kinnerton Dark Egg and Bar £4.99 A
Hotel Chocolate City Bunnies – £5.50 HC
Siesta Carob Easter Shapes – £7.50 GD


Luxury Budget £10+
Hotel Chocolate Luxury Scrambled Dairy-free Egg – £15 HC
Hotel Chocolate Dairy-free Goose Egg – £10 HC
Booja Booja Luxury Organic Champagne Truffle Egg – £25.32 GD

Sourced from…
GD – Goodness Direct
HC – Hotel Chocolate

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3 thoughts on “Dairy-free Easter Chocolate 2015

  1. Hello 🙂 After all the hype about Hotel Chocolat’s new milk-free milk range I was most disappointed to find it looks, smells and tastes more like dark chocolate than milk. Not amused! 😦

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