Eat Real Quinoa Chips Sour Cream & Chives (…like posh vegan quavers…)

Today I reviewing


Eat Real Quinoa Chips Sour Cream & Chives.
I initially overlooked these believing they couldn’t possibly be dairy-free because of their flavour, then I spotted the word vegan. After reading and re-reading at least three times I popped these in my trolley.

What are they?
Crispy Quinoa flour based snacks
Sour cream and chive flavour
As close to vegan quavers as you are likely to get

Free from:
Artificial colours

Thus suitable for:
Allergy/intolerance sufferers

Quinoa Flour, Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Corn Starch, Lentil Flour, Pea Flour, Rapeseed Oil, Sugar, Salt, Sour Cream & Chive Seasoning (Rice Flour, Onion Powder, Salt, Sugar, Yeast Extract Powder, Natural Flavouring, Garlic Powder, Herb (Chive), Citric Acid).

Big 30g bag
Pics of product and a South American farmer
Clear free from list
Labeled vegan


Look like:
Packaging shows wavy rectangles but ours were far curvier
Pale goldeny brown
Little air bubbles
You can see the chive bits on them


Smell like:
Sour cream and chive
Remarkably accurate actually!

Feel like:
Crunchy but not hard
A lot like quavers type texture

Taste like:
Sour cream and chive
Really accurate taste
I’m guessing its some wizardry with nutritional yeast
Really yummy

70p from Tesco

These really surprised me with just how scrumptious these are
Cheesey vegan crisps available in Tesco…well you have to try them!

4/5 – yum

No Moo, No Sick!

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2 thoughts on “Eat Real Quinoa Chips Sour Cream & Chives (…like posh vegan quavers…)

  1. Matty CW says:

    I used to LOVE these and thought them particularly suited to me given my Coeliac condition . Up until the start of 2015 Eat Real’s Quinoa Chips were labelled “Gluten Free”, however, I noticed that some time around then Eat Real changed their packaging. I was a little dismayed when I noticed that my favourite Quinoa Chips were no longer labeled as being “Gluten Free” despite there being no trace of Gluten in the ingredients. Normally I would pay no heed, but I was weary given that Eat Real’s other range of Houmous Chips & Lentil Chips, in the new packaging, were both specifically labelled “Gluten Free” still.

    Investigating further, I visited Eat Real’s website:, & I was gutted to see that, not only are the Quinoa Chips NOT labelled Gluten Free, they are labelled to “CONTAIN GLUTEN”

    I realise that this has to mean “”traces of”, & I do know that some Quinoa, like most Oats, can be farmed and processed alongside Wheat, making the grain a victim of cross-contamination. For a Coeliac, that is not good.

    I must say, I’m not impressed with Eat Real. For a company that is supposed to be clued up on dietary issues (they make enough of a fuss about it on their packaging after all!) they should be aware of the dangers of food allergies & such things as Coeliac Disease.

    Having had a product which was once labelled to be Gluten Free, they’ve not made nearly enough of a point to show this no longer to be the case./ Of course, they absolve themselves of any consequences from this by removing the “Gluten Free” label from the packaging, meaning anyone subsequently effected doesn’t have much hope if they try to complain & point fingers. Morally though, there has GOT to be something wrong with that, & particularly given Eat Real are so intent6 to promote themselves as being healthy food and so on. I only noticed that these Chips were no longer Gluten Free out of pure luck, & even having noticed I wasn’t 100% sure whether they contained Gluten or not. Given the product was very recently sold as not containing it, I very nearly decided that that must still be the case.

    Have Eat Real REALLY done enough to say otherwise? I bet there are more than a few Coeliacs potentially being caught out by this, & that’s not right. Even Walkers Crisps, hardly a leading vanguard for healthy living, are able to label their packets with “May contain traces of”.


  2. Anna ESussex says:

    Can you tell me, although marketed in uk, are’nt these chips actually MADE in USA? ( where roundup ie. glyphosate is most heavily used globally on corn/maise/wheat etc.)

    Can you check the bag?


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