Feel Free Vegetarian Eastern Party Pack (epic fail all round)

Today I am reviewing


Feel Free Vegetarian Party Pack.
This was a bit of a disaster from the moment I opened the package before reading that you are supposed to:

Defrost overnight in the fridge.
Coat in whisked egg before cooking…

Well we don’t even keep eggs in the house except the very occasional offering from our elderly, ex-battery rescue hen Mrs Chicken…so that wasn’t going to happen. We did the responsible thing and stuck them in oven regardless.

What is it?
A selection of gluten free eastern snacks
Onion bhaji
Spring roll

Free from:
Egg (before it tells you to whisk one and brush it over it…)

Thus suitable for:
Vegans (see above)
Allergy/intolerance sufferers

Looks like:
Small versions of snacks they are
The samosa and roll are white due to lack of egg brushing


Smell like:

Taste like:
Just pure chilli hotness
No other discernable taste

After a bit of each we couldn’t continue. These are our findings:

Ours were impossibly hot. I enjoy hot food but each of these snacks tasted identically hot.

Inside the samosa and the roll you will find the same cheap diced veg mix – carrot, peas, potato and Sweetcorn. Not a hint of bean sprouts etc that you may expect.


The bhaji is roughly 90% sliced potato.

£1.79 in Asda reduced from £2.99

I wanted to love these but found them disappointing at every stage.
I would not recommended these at all.

1/5 – 1 point to compensate for our lack of reading instructions.

No Moo, No Sick!

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