Tesco Thai Spiced Crackers

Tonight I am reviewing


Tesco Thai Spiced Crackers.

Found these lurking in the Asian Cooking Sauce bit of my local Tesco next to the prawn crackers. Surprisingly I see nothing that will either harm me or compromise my vegetarian beliefs.

What is it?
Fried tapioca crackers
Like prawn crackers without the prawn
Flavoured with leek, chilli, ginger, cabbage, mustard etc.

Free from:

Thus suitable for:
Allergy/intolerance sufferers

Bright green
Picture on front looks a lot better than the product!
No free from list


Looks like:
Two different colours
One white
One a medium golden brown colour
Little bits of chilli etc in crackers

Smells like:
Oil and salt (ready salted crisps)

Tastes like:
Lightly flavoured but strangely yummy
Gently spiced not at all hot (Toddlerini tried one and enjoyed it)
Darker ones just taste like they have been cooked longer (Tesco is there something you want to tell us?)
Darker ones def harder and possibly spicier…not 100% sure though
Not as oily nor salty as the smell suggests

99p from Tesco

A nice addition to an Asian meal or just as a snack.
Would be nice with a dip.
For 99p they are cheaper than any snacks from the official free from section so worth trying.

3/5 – worth 99p of anyone’s money surely?

No Moo, No Sick!

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