Viotros Violife Creamy (vegan / dairy-free soft cheese)

Today I am reviewing


Violife Creamy

Violife Creamy.
So excited to find this (along with Violife sliced and slabbed cheese) during my Tesco shop this weekend. I’ve been disappointed with every soft/cream dairy-free cheese I’ve ever found so I hoped this would fill the creamy cheesey void in my life.

What is it:
Completely vegan and dairy-free soft cheese
From Greece
Made largely from coconut oil(!)

Free from:
Palm oil

Thus suitable for:
Allergy/intolerance sufferers

Nice little white and green rectangular tub (stands out because soft cheese seems to invariably be in rounded tubs)
I found the inner plastic lining really hard to get into (could be because I was concentrating hard to be as quiet as possible so not to wake Toddlerini).
Clear freefrom list
Vegan stamp


Violife Creamy

Looks like:
Very white
‘Philadelphia’ style soft cheese rather than ‘Dairylea’ which reminds me more of butter

Smells like:
Very mildly cheesey
Not vaguely of coconut

Feels like:
Non oily
Doesn’t appear to melt (when placed on a freshly baked potato for instance)

Tastes like:
Creamy (it is called creamy)
Mild cheesey taste
Far nicer than the other dairy-free soft cheeses I’ve tried previously

£2 in Tesco (usually £2.49 the price card said…)

I really liked this and I can’t really fault it except I would have perhaps liked a slightly cheesier taste.
It is soya free and I’m pretty sure that’s rare for a ‘fake’ soft cheese.
My meat-munching, cheese-gobbling husband ate it without any complaints.
Seems a very versatile product you could probably make a yummy cheesey sauce or….oh my goodness…you could try to make a cheesecake!

4/5 – very nice but if it was just a little bit cheesier it would be perfect.


Violife creamy

No Moo, No Sick!

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