Tesco Freefrom Cherry Bakewell Tarts

Today I am reviewing


Tesco Freefrom Cherry Bakewell Tarts.
I have to admit to being quite fond of Bakewell tarts and indeed of scoffing them down with a nice packet of posh sea salt and vinegar crisps and some orange juice (with bits). Neither of these accompaniments were available today so I had to eat these with my husband, well not literally; he contains too much dairy.

What are they?
Bakewell tarts
Non traditional bakewell tarts
Think more like fake Mr Kipling tarts
Pastry cases
Almond sponge type filling
Then icing
With a cherry on top!


Thus suitable for:
Allergy/intolerance sufferers


Looks like:
Standard little bakewell tart
This one’s creator got a bit overexcited with the icing but usually they are pretty uniform
Big shiny half glacé cherry

Smells like:

Feels like:
Very crisp pastry
No hint of sogginess


Tastes like:
Glacé cherry
Bakewell tart!
Its yummy and the gluten-free pastry actually enhances the product
It’s a clean eat, you can taste the individual flavours.

£2 in Tesco

These are really nice and it’s hard not to  eat all four.
The crisp gluten-free pastry actually enhances the product.
Toddlerini likes poking her fingers in them and hooking out the cherry.
She doesn’t eat the cherry but still amusement is amusement!

5/5 – “well” good 😉

No Moo, No Sick!

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2 thoughts on “Tesco Freefrom Cherry Bakewell Tarts

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  2. Karen Emblem says:

    I have tried these and they are probably the most disgusting bakewells I have had as a coeliac. The sponge is not spongey, it is almond mush that sits on top of jam that doesn’t really seem like jam more of a sticky mess. The pastry is ok as is the icing but that was really too thick. I will never buy these again and struggled to eat all 4 over several days. Sorry but will go back to Sainsburys


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