Co-op Freefrom Mini Pecan Tarts

Last night we tried


Co-op Freefrom Mini Pecan Tarts.
My mum and I tried these because Hubbypants doesn’t like nuts.

What are they?
Pastry case
Pecan filling
Pecan on top

Free from:

Thus suitable for
Allergy/intolerance sufferers

Bright pink and yellow co-op Freefrom colours
I found it hard to read the freefrom ‘balloons’ personally.
Internally the box is divided into handy twin packs, perfect for lunch boxes or picnics.


Looks like:
A cute little pastry case in a cute little foil tray
Filled with a dry looking treacly goo
With a really dried looking pecan on top

Smells like:


Tastes like:
The pastry case is dry, tasteless and as hard as a particularly world weary boulder.
The filling is far too sweet but positively heavenly compared with the bitter shriveled little pecan on top. Yuck.

My mum however asserts: “these are the best pecan tarts I have ever tasted, they are admittedly dry but at least they are not soggy bottomed. The filling is lovely and I love the pecan!”

Never been so divided over a product
I really dislike these (OK not as much as Choc Shot) but dislike them I do.
My mum however clearly disagrees and happily took the packet off me.
I think this is likely to be a case where any complaint is largely a result of personal taste and not any underlying weakness in the product.

It’s a 1/5 from me
and a 4/5 from my mum

No Moo, No Sick!

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