Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Liquid Hot Chocolate

Today we are reviewing


Sweet Freefrom Choc Shot
This was the object I was most looking forward to reviewing from my Co-op Haul having heard it praised on many a vegan/freefrom site. Did it live up to my excitement? No. Not at all.

What is it?
Dairy-free liquid hot chocolate syrup
3-4tsp in hot (non dairy) milk
Or put on icecream, toast, chia pudding etc.
We tried it as hot choc and on dairy-free icecream.

Free from:


Thus suitable for:
Allergy/intolerance sufferers
(Also seems to be popular with weight watchers/slimming world followers)

Looks nice, fresh and modern
Non drip nozzle

Looks like:
A thick dark brown/black syrup


Smells like:
A earthy smell
Faintly of a vaguely bitter chocolate-ish something

Tastes Like:
(As above really…)
A very faint bitterness which could be construed as cocoa
My mum Nana Moosick claims it has “a funny chemical taste” which is pretty much the opposite to everything Sweet Freedom stand for.
Hubbypants maintains “it’s just so bitter”
Toddlerini refused it in every form.
It made my aunty gag.
It gave me a sore throat.

£2.99 from Co-op. I’ve seen this for £4.99+ so co-op is the place to try it.

I cannot adequately express how disappointed I am in this product. Not only was the earthy, dirty, compost taste completely at odds with the rich, bitter dark choc I was expecting it actually left me with a sore throat (!!!) so I’m guessing I reacted to something. My nephew tasted it this morning and said it was “alright but he wouldn’t want the whole cup full”. Hundreds of people love this, but nope it’s not for us.

1/5 – I really loved the idea but we just really, really disliked the product.

UPDATE: Sat 14th March 2015
Think I was too harsh on this product. There must be a palatable use of this….further investigation is needed this week 🙂

Thank You For The Moosick

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7 thoughts on “Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Liquid Hot Chocolate

  1. raibaker says:

    haha! very funny review – annoyingly I have already purchased this product as I was excited by it’s potential for my son who has too many food allergies. However we have not used it as every time I suggest it he says “Nooooooo! Can’t you just just make your chocolate sauce” So long may it sit in my larder unopened now! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • themoosick says:

      It had such potential. I wanted to like it, I wanted to love it, I wanted to justify the slightly “ahhhhh” worthy price. Sadly it wasn’t to be. I hope your son enjoys it more, although your chocolate sauce sounds like it will win hands down! x

      Liked by 1 person

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