Sainsbury’s Freefrom Spaghetti

Today we are reviewing


Sainsbury’s Freefrom Spaghetti

I’ll state now that I found this very disappointing, which is a shame as many Sainsbury’s Freefrom products are superb. I’ve now cooked this twice and got the same results.

What is it:
Dried spaghetti
Made from corn and rice flours

Free from:

Thus suitable for:
A range of allergies/ intolerance sufferers
Pretty much everyone

Long line standard Sainsbury’s green Freefrom bag
Cooking instructions as follows…

Official Cooking Instructions:
Do not overcook.
1 Allow 50-75g of pasta per person for a starter, or 75-100g for a main course.  2 Place pasta in a large saucepan of boiling water. Add salt to taste and boil for 9 minutes, stirring occasionally. A shorter cooking time results in a more ‘al dente’ (firm) texture.
3 When the pasta is cooked, drain and rinse with boiling water.
Use as required.


Looks like:
During cooking a lot of the pieces broke into even smaller pieces, thus looks a bit like tinned spaghetti
Despite stirring well and following instructions many of the strands then got friendly and stuck together
I like a love story but I don’t like lumpy, sticky spaghetti!

Tastes like:
Rubbery texture
Despite thorough rinsing it was sticky
Pretty tasteless but I don’t particularly want to taste the spaghetti, it’s the sauce you want to taste surely?


£1.40 from Sainsbury’s (currently 5 for 4)

Despite following instructions on two occasions (second time genuinely timed and measured at amounts etc) the result has always been sticky clumpy spaghetti.
Despite this the individual strands were pleasant enough and Toddlerini really loved it.

2/5 – I’ve either seriously misinterpreted the instructions or there is big room for improvement!

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5 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s Freefrom Spaghetti

  1. eat2healthUK says:

    We find that we have to cook it for a lot longer than the package instructs and then rinse it with boiled water; it definitely lacks flavour!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] like: Well similarly to the Sainsbury’s Freefrom Spaghetti it has no particular taste but takes sauce well Unlike Sainsbury’s it lacked the dodgy […]


  3. freefrom lover says:

    Totally agree!! Love Sainsbury’s Freeform products (fusilli, brownies. etc.) but the spaghettis are a disappointment. Cooked at home twice, used more oil in the water the second time, both times sticking together like glue! I could not find a way to place a review on the Sainsbury website and found yours instead.


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