Lazy Day Tiffin

Tonight we are reviewing


Lazy Day Belgian Chocolate Tiffin

The discovery of this in Sainsburys made me so very happy. I remember finding the ginger tiffin variety just after I discovered that dairy was making me seriously sick and it simply changed everything. It WAS possible to eat yummy choc based yums whilst dairy free and everything was going to be OK.

What is it?
Biscuit and sultanas suspended in glorious chocciness
Really chocolatey (take note Genius Pains Au Chocolate)

Free from:
Hydrogenated fats

Thus suitable for:
A range of allergy/intolerance sufferers
Chocolate lovers

Proudly Scottish
Similar to Asda Raspberry Crumble Squares (think Lazy Day got there first tho) in respect of tall stack of squares


Looks like:
Little squares of choccy covered tiffin
Very visible amount of fruit and biscuits
Good layer of smooth choc on top

Smells like:
Intense chocolate

Feels like:
Dense chocolate
Crumbly biscuit
Chewy sultanas

Tastes like:
Rich chocolatey heaven
Sumptuous yumminess
You could easily eat the entire box and neglect to tell your husband that you ever bought any

One of the best free from sweets you can buy.
Really delicious
Hubbypants loved these
Toddlerini loved these
I love these
You would never regret buying these!

A huge 5/5 – delicious!

Only thing I don’t like is I can never find the ginger tiffin available anymore, this makes me sad. It was EVEN BETTER 😦

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5 thoughts on “Lazy Day Tiffin

  1. They are rather yummy!


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