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Lazy Day Tiffin

Tonight we are reviewing


Lazy Day Belgian Chocolate Tiffin

The discovery of this in Sainsburys made me so very happy. I remember finding the ginger tiffin variety just after I discovered that dairy was making me seriously sick and it simply changed everything. It WAS possible to eat yummy choc based yums whilst dairy free and everything was going to be OK.

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The Coconut Collaborative ‘Frozen Yogurt Alternative’ (It’s a dairy-free icecream OK)

Today we are reviewing


The Coconut Collaborative ‘Snowconut’ Icecream

Spotted this hiding amongst the sorbets in Sainsburys yesterday, I had never seen it before and was pleasantly surprised when upon closer inspection I discovered it was free from lots of things.

What is it?
Basically icecream made from coconuts
The milk of two coconuts in each tub apparently
Cold doh! 😉

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