Cauldron Tofu

Last night we tried


Cauldron Tofu.

I’m not a regular tofu user although I do enjoy eating it, I tend to be a bit intimidated by mention of tofu presses and prepping a day in advance, but woo I thought, let’s give it a go!

What is it?
Wet soggy tofu
Full of protein
The longer you press it the firmer it gets (there is probably room for innuendo here)
I pressed mine for an hour under heavy books.
I made burgery things
Marinated in olive oil, chilli, tomato puree, soy sauce, tumeric, agave nectar, garlic and basil.

Pretty much everything other than soyabeans

Thus suitable for:
A variety of allergy/intolerance sufferers

Really hard to get into
Easy to overlook I thought

Looks like:
Once drained: a big slab of slightly gelatinous whiteness.
Very wet


Smells like:
Whilst wet: quite fruity, I wasn’t expecting that.
When dryer: tofu I guess
When cooked: whatever you want it to!

Feels like:
Wet: Springy
Cooked: firmer
Bit rubbery
Vaguely egg textured
Pretty sure it would have firmer if pressed longer.


Tastes like:
Quite yummy!
I really enjoyed it
Hubbypants really enjoyed it
Toddlerini had something else

I want more NOW
It was so yummy and even Hubbypants loved it.
Much better than other tofu I have tried to cook with before.

5/5 – loved it!!!

I actually have some that I pressed for longer currently marinating in fridge.

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One thought on “Cauldron Tofu

  1. Penny Veg says:

    Treated right, tofu is really good. You can get away with just shoving it straight into a frying pan if you *want* it to fall apart (scrambled) but otherwise the pressing and patting dry or marinating process is really needed to get a decent texture. Nice little blog btw!


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