What can I make with this coconut oil?

I bought this coconut oil from Tesco for £2.25 mainly for my hair but am thinking that there must be something yummy I could make with it too.


What do you make with your coconut oil?

Thanks 🙂

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4 thoughts on “What can I make with this coconut oil?

  1. raibaker says:

    vegetable curry YUM!


  2. We like to make coconut butter, but it needs soya lecithin which I haven’t found another use for yet!


  3. The Mountain Queen says:

    I found at the weekend that it makes an excellent substitute for butter in fairy-cakes. Probably in other cakes too, but I can’t yet comment on that.


  4. Penny Veg says:

    I keep meaning to buy some because so many vegan baking recipes I see contain it (both in cakes, frostings and fruit snacks) and it’s doubtless better than vegetable based margarine health-wise. Good to know it can be gotten cheaply from Tesco! I’ve also used the stuff you get from the chemist on my hair; as well as on my face in the bath, cleanses and moisturises really well, just leave for duration of bath then wipe off with a hot flannel.


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