Asda Freefrom Caramel Rice Squares

Was very excited to see these new into my local Asda.


Freefrom gluten, wheat, egg and dairy (no other animal bits either) and based on the much loved millionaires shortcake but swapping shortcake for rice crispy squares I was really looking forward to trying these.

For £2 you get five squares  and our packet had a lovely scent of slightly salted caramel when the packet was opened.


The chocolate on top is dark, slightly bitter and not too ‘candified’ but is so thin I can’t imagine it mattering to many people. The caramel is contrast is lusciously rich caramel and just genuinely lovely.

Unfortunately I fear we had a dodgy pack because the crispies that we were expecting to be…um…crispy were sadly rather chewy and felt like they had been  left out of their packet for a week before consumption. Very disappointing. I even checked the product and what we had was definitely not ‘crisped’ in any way. The box and internal packaging was intact when we brought them home so I can only assume that either the batch was dodgy in some way or the product was actually supposed to taste like it did.

Such yummy potential, ruined.

2/5 due to wasted potential.

Have you tried these? Were yours ‘soggy’ ?

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3 thoughts on “Asda Freefrom Caramel Rice Squares

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  2. Jess says:

    I love these! Personally I’d rate them about 4/5! Every time I’ve had them the rice has always been crispy. Don’t give up on them!!!

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