Spacebar Vegan Chorizo

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Spacebar Vegan Chorizo.

As part of my Veganstore Mini Haul I ordered two of these vegan sausages out of pure curiosity. It wasn’t until I read the packaging at home that I realised they had gluten in them (my mistake not Vegan Store). Subsequently this review is largely thanks to my meat munching, gluten nomming, dairy slurping husband.

The vacuum packaging is somewhat no-frills, it has ingredients, nutritional info vegan and vegetarian stamps and nothing much else. I know I shouldn’t be so consumerist but aesthetics do matter with food and the packaging of this Spacebar just conjures images of a uniformed Orwellian passing me my “daily protein”.

The sausage inside does look like a meaty sausage and greets you with a smell of smoke and sausaginess. Hubbypants says it smells just like a Pepperami (can’t say I’ve ever tried one). The Spacebar is rubbery to the touch but slices easily. In the interest of the review I tried a slice and it was a satisfying hit of smokiness, if not slightly overwhelmingly salty. Hubbypants thought it was very tasty but felt “a bit like old playdough in mouth” and we thought we would slice and top a pizza for tea to see how it cooks.


Well it looked very good and as you can see it gave off a slight oiliness once warmed. It smelt just like pepperoni pizza and I’d imagine if you were a vegan missing meat you’d really like it. Hubbypants said it was a bit tough a d chewy but he really enjoyed it.

For 80p from Vegan Store it was rather good overall. Would make good lunch box fodder, sandwich filling, snack or pizza topping.

Overall Hubbypants gave it 3/5 you could do worse

Pros: good taste, vegan, omnivore approved

Cons: heavy on the gluten, not readily available, textured a bit like playdough apparently, looks like post apocalyptic rebuilt world food…

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    Eek this seems to be showing up in duplicate. Completely unintentional, sorry all. X


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