Quorn Meatfree Chicken Style Pieces

Today I am reviewing


Quorn Meat Free Chicken Style Pieces (it’s a tough bag to open).

I am a vegetarian, I have been a vegetarian for a very long time, I am never ‘tempted’ by meat (nor fish), not even bacon (cliché vegetarian emptress). I am a fan of protein though

and I need that protein to be dairy free and gluten-free is always a plus too. These quorn chicken chunks are all of the above. To test them out last night I made a slow cooker peanut satay curry/stir fry thing.


I plonked about half a bag in the slow cooker straight from the freezer and proceeded to add the other ingredients (spring onions, broccoli, carrot, beansprouts, peanut butter, coconut milk, garlic, chillies, ginger, tomato puree and gluten-free soy sauce).

Frozen the fake chicken chunks look like small white granite stone chippings, not the most appetising but I was hoping that once left to stew away they would absorb the juices of the other ingredients.


Once cooked I served the dish with cucumber noodles. The fake chicken chunks had definitely coated themselves in the sauce as I hoped they would and meat munching Hubbypants agreed that the chunks looked as chickeny as was decent for anything non-poultry to look.

Taste wise I felt even under the satay sauce the chunks gave a mild taste of something but I’ve not eaten meat for so long I couldn’t tell you if it’s chicken.

Texture wise the chunks were soft and felt slightly ‘flaky’ in the mouth a bit how I vaguely remember chicken being but not sufficiently a copy as to make me gag.


Breaking a chunk apart the ‘flakes’ are quite clear (although not easy to photograph, sorry) and a squeeze under a fork produces a good bit of juiciness proving that they really do suck up their surroundings.

Meat munching Hubbypants said he really didn’t mind the Quorn chunks and liked that they were “sufficiently chicken-like without being tough, rubbery or stringy” (hmm he doesn’t exactly make omnivorous eating sound very appealing does he?).

These cost only £1.48 from Tesco and you could do worse for an occasional protein source especially if you have to satisfy a meat muncher. I have in the past stuffed a couple of these on a pizza with houmous for a yummy topping.

We gave them 4/5 cause the meat muncher was happy and they did their job.

Pros: good price, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, meat muncher approved.

Cons: maybe a bit too chicken like for some but guess you wouldn’t buy them in that scenario.


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