Amy’s Kitchen Breakfast Sandwich (Quick review)

Quicky review of Amy’s Kitchen Breakfast Sandwich.


Tried one of these naughty little things before Christmas and it was a tough little beast with a near inedible roll which I felt was probably a result of the over complicated heating instructions (something along the lines of “heat two mins on half power, remove, dance a tango, heat on full power for a minute, say Rumpelstiltskin thrice in a Scottish accent then eat”).


I noticed today in Tesco these burgers now have a sticker over heating instructions now essentially only requiring to heat for a minute.

It’s essentially a sausage egg McMuffin but it has no:

It boasts a meat free party with a special tomato sauce and a yummy later of scrambled tofu.

With new heating instructions the bun and patty aren’t tough, the tofu is fluffy and crumbly and the sauce is tasty.

At £2.49 for quite a small burger its probably too expensive for regular consumption (yes and health considerations rah rah rah) but it’s tasty and I really enjoyed it!

4/5 for this little devil.

Pros: tasty, freefrom loads of stuff,

Cons: expensive, on small side

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3 thoughts on “Amy’s Kitchen Breakfast Sandwich (Quick review)

  1. Ha, I know just what you mean, cooked minimally it’s a real treat. Following the original instructions it’s a trip to the dentist! Loving your blog 🙂

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  2. eat2healthUK says:

    Snap! We tried some of these things right before Christmas too, but we have to disagree. The price and quality are not up to scratch! 🙂

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  3. […] to forget it’s wrapped around a ready meal 😉 Contains correct cooking instructions (read: about their breakfast sandwich if you think this is a […]


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