Tesco Freefrom Creamy Iced Vanilla Dessert

Today we are reviewing


Tesco Freefrom Creamy Iced Vanilla Dessert.

I think along with a good melty cheese and cheese and onion crisps I’ve missed icecream the most since becoming dairyfree. When I saw this for only £2 in Tesco I hurried it into my trolley and rush home to try it. Then promptly forgot it was in the freezer til today when stashing left over lunch in there.


As well as having no dairy a tub of this contains no gluten, wheat or animals. It also states suitable for vegetarians and I can also see no reason why it wouldn’t be vegan too.


Lifting the lid of the tub I was met by a glorious creamy vanilla scent. The icecream is soft enough to scoop out of the tub to not bend your spoons but firm enough to feel like ice cream and not a cold creamy fluff.

In the mouth it was cold, icy and creamy. It definitely tasted like ice cream, I couldn’t honestly tell the difference between this and how I remember proper cow based icecream to be. Picky toddler poked it around her bowl and seemed to like the bits she tried but best endorsement came from meat munching dairy slurper Hubbypants who smuggly exclaimed “mmm this is alright, I take it you bought it by mistake” praise indeed. He thought it was dairy.

Only available in vanilla but you could easily add your own goodies to it. We had pineapple.

We give this a big 5/5 loved it.

Pros: tastes like icecream, vegan, freefrom loads of stuff.

Cons: only available in vanilla

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3 thoughts on “Tesco Freefrom Creamy Iced Vanilla Dessert

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