Nakd Cocoa Orange Fruit and Nut Bits

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Nakd Cocoa Orange Fruit and Nut Bits. These chewy little nuggets are freefrom dairy, gluten and animal products making them as the packet states 100% natural and ‘Cheerfully Vegan’. They’re also British if that’s your thing.


These were available in two other varieties a choc nut one, and a berry one. I picked the cocoa orange because I really love the choc orange combo.


Opening the pack I was gleeful to be hit with a strong cocoa smell and I was pleased that you get a generous amount of Nakd ‘bits’ (ooh err…makes me feel like a particularly awkward Victorian) in a 130g bag.

An individual bit is firm to the touch and its nice that you can see the bits of fruit and nut that make it up (dates, raisins and cashews FYI).


In the mouth these are firm and chewy with a bitter cocoa taste with just a hint of oily orange and dates. They are quite nice but I did find these bits quite ‘heavy’ once eaten they seem to lay very stodgy. This of course is a very personal observation and could be a reflection of my diet.

My husband did not enjoy them one little bit and I’m sad to admit he refused to try another after his first bit.

These cost £1.50 from Tesco.

We give these 3/5 I seem to recall Nakd bars being lighter and more orangey to my taste.

Pros: not unpleasant, vegan and freefrom loads of stuff. Generous bag.

Cons: ‘heavy’, quite oily. Can taste bitter.

Edited on 10/2/2015 change of price from £1.20 to £1.50 thanks to A Secular Vegan for prompting a receipt check.

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3 thoughts on “Nakd Cocoa Orange Fruit and Nut Bits

  1. Secular Vegan says:

    £1.20? I paid £1.50 for them in Tesco’s last week and that was only because they were on special offer, reduced from £2.00. They’re OK for the occasional treat, but too expensive to buy regularly.

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  2. Thank for the write up. Don’t know if these are available to the Yanks but they looks delicious.

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