Sainsbury’s Freefrom Garlic and Coriander Naan (let’s make pizza)

Today we are reviewing


The yummiest way to make a quick pizza…err I mean Sainsbury’s Freefrom Garlic and Coriander Naan Bread.

I love curries and I love everything that goes with them, the side dishes, the chutneys, and the poppadoms. But since discovering my problems with dairy I’ve been heart broken to discover most naans are made with yogurt or ghee.

Since Hubbypants has forbidden me from making anymore crockpot curries this week this morning me and The Toddler made naan pizzas to test these naans.


Opening the packaging (which is flippin’ hard to break into) you are met with an absolutely gorgeous smell of garlic and coriander, mmm.

To the touch they are firm and slightly floury with the ‘bubbles’ you often see with naans. It’s good to see a liberal amount of herbs in the bread.


At this point we smothered both naans with cheap tomato puree (can’t taste a difference IMHO) I like a good amount of tomato and the moisture helps the cheese (sort of) melt. The firmness of the Naan ensured no sogginess.


We then grated some Cheezly dairy free cheese and added our topping, today we chose cherry tomato and pineapple with a little bit of basil and olive oil sprinkled over the top.


Fifteen minutes in the oven gave us a very yummy pizza.

The cooked naans were firm without being tough and a little crispy around the edge to give an authentic crust.

In the mouth the beautiful flavours of the garlic and coriander melt together beautifully with the other flavours to create a gorgeous pizza experience.

Both me and the Toddler enjoyed our pizza slices and we give these naans a yummy 5/5.

Pros: freefrom most things, yummy

Cons: unfortunately not vegan (egg).

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2 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s Freefrom Garlic and Coriander Naan (let’s make pizza)

  1. This looks really good!


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