Organix Banana Rice Cakes (Toddler Grub)

Today we are reviewing


Organix Banana Rice Cakes. After our experience reviewing Organix Sweetcorn Rings I was keen to review more of their products. I chose these rice cakes because I haven’t seen banana flavour available before. They are gluten-free, dairy-free, made from wholegrain rice and as the brand name suggests organic.

The packet is a lovely bright ‘banana’ yellow colour and my daughter eagerly picked the packet out from our snack collection.

The packet provides feeding advice, dietary information, organic certification and of course their ‘no junk promise’.


I did mention when reviewing Organix Sweetcorn Rings that I really like their fab website and it really is worth a look you can even download a free weaning guide or more importantly search and sort their products according to dietary requirements. If you need an organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, celery-free, finger food for a 7 month old who doesn’t like vegetables you can find something there…like these banana rice cakes!


Upon opening the the bag you are met with a pleasant fruity rice smell, it made me think of a sweet rice pudding with fruit compote. Mmm yum.


You get a generous amount of rice cakes in a 50g bag, enough for several snacking sessions or for one kids party plate. The cakes are a good size for little hands being a little bit smaller than an Oreo biscuit.

Upon taking a bite you are greeted with a good puffy texture lightly flavoured with a sweet banana flavour. I noticed in the ingredients list (only four by the way) that there is apple in these too and I’m guessing this is largely to sweeten because the flavour you experience is definitely banana, strong enough to taste without being overpowering to tiny taste buds.

My daughter (who is known as a very picky eater) really enjoyed these even though she has been unwell with a cold the past couple of days. I found them very tasty (even though I have to admit I have an almost phobic dislike for mashed potato and plain rice cakes!). I am now sickening with my daughter’s cold and I have found myself snacking on these to keep my nausea away (perhaps these would be ideal for mums with morning sickness?).

The only negative I can find is that one of the cakes I ate had what I presume to be a tough unchewable rice husk. It wasn’t big enough to choke anybody but I know that this would have probably have provoked my daughter’s gag reflex. I’m guessing they are a hazard of cooked wholegrain rice products.

These cost me 97p from Tesco.

Overall we give these 5/5 I can’t fault these little cakes. Both me and the fussy toddler loved these and I would certainly buy further Organix rice cakes (having looked at the website the strawberry ones are pink (!!!) but unfortunately I’ve not seen them available locally).

Pros: freefrom most things, organic, great packaging and website, good size, yummy.

Cons: did find a tough rice husk.

They really were nice.

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