Rice Dream Original 200ml Cartons

Quicky review whilst poorly toddler has a nap.


Picked up a pack of three of these little beauties at the weekend. My dairy free milk of choice is a vanilla flavoured soya or almond milk but at 69p for three I couldn’t resist (there was a tiny tear in outer packaging).


Made by Kallo (who have a rather cool dairy-free website) Rice Dream is an alternative to dairy milk and the carton informs me is gluten-free, low in fat, low calorie, organic and vegan which is all good.


After a liberal shake I impaled the carton and had a slurp. The taste was a watery, creamy, sweet, ricey taste and on a par with the other rice milk I’ve tried.

The size would be perfect for a packed lunch, picnic or (as my husband suggested) for taking to work to use in place of dairy milk in coffee, tea or even a small bowl of cereal, porridge or chia seed pudding haha!

The packaging states the milk is a naturally light taste and I would completely agree. I found it quite refreshing.

Overall I give 5/5 I can’t really fault it!

Pros: tastes good, organic, freefrom most things.

Cons: can’t think of any.

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