Fabulous Freefrom Factory Fudge

This afternoon we are reviewing


Fabulous Freefrom Factory Fudge. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, animal free vegan and I’ll tell you now its flippin’ fabulously yummy.

My mum brought me this home because she hasn’t seen dairy free fudge before. It cost her £1.90 for a generous 200g bag.

The bag is quite striking and prominently displays its vegan and vegetarian credentials. I did however find it a little disconcerting that the website provided on the packet is now a dead link (eek zombie fudge).


I do love a good cow themed pun tho…

Upon opening the packet I was met by a glorious sweet, creamy fudgey aroma.
The generous chunks are quite hard and firm to the touch but they definitely feel like hard fudge not (non food products or ‘candy’).


Its really yummy, I haven’t had fudge for such a long time it was lovely to try this. It is very hard tho I guess that’s the way it is when you swap dairy for soya.

Its sweet and has a rich burnt caramel fudgy taste which i suspect would be great broken over some vegan ice cream.

I give this fudge 4/5 I like it but its quite hard and I find the dead website a bit worrying.

Pros: freefrom most things, yummy.

Cons: hard, dead site, is it still made?

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3 thoughts on “Fabulous Freefrom Factory Fudge

  1. Cecilia says:

    I didn’t know about dairy-free fudge either. So interesting. I would try it, they look as delicious as you say. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Secular Vegan says:

    I’ve treated myself to these from time-to-time, but the only place that I have seen them on sale is in Sainsbury’s for more than two quid per packet. Added to which, having started a packet I don’t have the discipline not to eat the whole lot in one go, even though doing so is a bit sickly. Everything in moderation I suppose.


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