Sainsbury’s Freefrom Chocolate Chip Cookies

This morning we are reviewing


Sainsbury’s Freefrom Chocolate Chip Cookies. Around here Sainsbury’s has one of the most extensive freefrom aisles so I was a little spoilt for choice when picking something to review, I picked these biccies because I’m usually more of a cake eater and fancied a change. I also get rather bitter when supermarkets get my hopes up with delicious chewy looking cookies in the freefrom aisle only for me to whimper when I spot that they are “ALL BUTTER superduper yummy biccies” (insert sad face).


Upon opening a packet of Sainsbury’s freefrom cookies there is a pleasant sweet vanilla aroma (shame it wasn’t chocolate!). They certainly looked like cookies and I noticed a good scattering of choc chips.

They’re very firm to the touch and I could tell that they were not the chewy cookies of my freefrom aisle dreams.

In the mouth (if you get this far without breaking a tooth or two) they are very, very hard. An attempt to chew results in a ricochet of cookie splinters, and your efforts aren’t really rewarded with anything more than a subtle vanilla taste and vaguely chocolate flavour candy rocks.

These are very ‘clean’ to eat and even when dunked in my coffee (one sugar, vanilla soya please) the crumbs are still very hard and gritty.

Picky Toddler didn’t like these cookies despite running off to eat one in her play tunnel and Hubbypants said he found it quite hard to finish one. I have no desire to eat anymore of these but I have a plan to make these into the base for a freefrom banoffee pie (I’m waiting for some thick soya cream to turn up from Vegan Store).


I appreciate these are gluten free and dairy free but I do not know why they have to be so….err …industrial strength.

I’ve made some glorious gluten-free, vegan cookies with recipes from books and the internet and not once have they been nuclear war proof.

These cost £1.40 from Sainsburys.

We give these 1/5. Too hard, too bland. Possibly good for biscuit bases…we shall see.

Pros: will last a long time. Would cure the Cookie Monster’s addiction. Availability.

Cons: they’re just not very nice. Not vegan.

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