Sainsburys Freefrom Gingerbread Man

Determined to not let Sainsbury get away with being known solely for the world’s hardest cookie, this afternoon we are reviewing


this little fella.

He’s rather cute and looks every part the gingerbreadman about town albeit rather dwarfed in his packaging.

He’s gluten-free, dairy-free vegetarian but sadly not vegan.


Upon opening the package you are met by a pleasant ginger smell (take note you strangely lovable yet not a hint of ginger Alpro Gingerbread Man Dessert). He looks like a gingerbread man, smells like a gingerbread man, things are looking good.


We started with his arms mwahahahaaaa (sounds of evil laughter disappear into the darkness).

He tastes nice. There is a crispiness to the biscuit but it’s not nuclear strength like the choc chip cookies and instead of a vanilla blandness there is a yummy ginger with just a touch of heat.

Fussy Toddler nibbled his head and you could tell she was enjoying the taste. He wasn’t too hard for her to eat. Hubbypants is at work but I see no reason why you wouldn’t love this little guy.

He cost 89p and you could do worse for a yummy snack. Yes you could probably make better BUT sometimes you need something, right now!

We give him 4/5. Well done Sainsbury’s my faith is nearly restored.

Pros: free from dairy, free from gluten, vegetarian. Tastes nice, actually contains ginger. Not too hard.

Cons: a little crispy, quite pricey for regular munching.

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