Asda Freefrom Choc Orange Buttons

This morning we’re reviewing…


Asda Freefrom Choc Orange Buttons are as the name suggests free from gluten, wheat, dairy and animals. Having enjoyed chocolate oranges before I realised the dairy was making me very, very sick (moosick) I was excited to try these but admittedly more than a bit apprehensive after our experience with Sweet William’s White Choc Buttons.

The bag is a standard 25g child friendly size and I like the purple, however I did notice there wasn’t a lot of difference between this bag and the non-orange buttons so this could cause disappointment if incorrectly purchased.


Upon opening the bag (and spilling the buttons everywhere — whoops!) I was hit by a pleasant citrus burst. Mmm yum.

The buttons look like buttons but lacked the plastic feel that I was dreading.

They melted.
Yup, you read correctly, they melted in the mouth. Not straight away but they actually felt like chocolate. Not candy.

The orange element was strong, if not a tiny bit artificial tasting . I really enjoyed these.

As did my helpers. Hubbypants exclaimed “they’re about the best Dairy-free chocolate you’ve found!”, and Toddler, well she really loved them. There were the grand total of zero buttons spat out.

These cost 45p from Asda and I’d happily buy them again.

Its a big choccy orange 5/5 from us.

Pros: yummy, free from loads of stuff, readily available in Asda, everybody liked them.

Cons: cant think of anything!

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4 thoughts on “Asda Freefrom Choc Orange Buttons

  1. cocoryu says:

    I would love to try it too.


  2. Secular Vegan says:

    I haven’t tried the Asda ones, but I’ve found that a lot of dairy-free chocolate buttons are a bit too sweet for me – but then I’m not a toddler, lol – I prefer proper chocolate with more cocoa then sugar.


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