Tesco Free From Chocolate Brownie Muffin

This morning we are reviewing …or perhaps celebrating…these bad boys…



Tesco Free From Chocolate Brownie Muffins. Now I have to admit, unlike previous reviews, I have bought these before.

There is a good reason.

Tesco have really got these right. For 70p (yes a mere 70 of your good English pennies) you get TWO dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian chocolate muffins.

Opening the package you can smell the choccy fudgey aroma. It smells like a chocolate muffin. Given a prod it is soft and spongey, yup, it feels like a chocolate muffin.


You can see where this is going. In the mouth the sponge turns a little fudgey so I feel Tesco are accurate in describing these as ‘brownie’, cynical-me (not Despicable Me!) cannot help thinking Tesco probably didnt set out to make a brownie muffin but shh, we won’t tell, happy accidents make the world interesting.

I like the chocolate taste and although the choc chips feel a little hard and ‘candified’, they’re in no way as plastic as some offerings (#cough# Sweet William choc buttons).

Fussy toddler loved this and even Hubbypants has been known to scoff one. Its love.

We bought these in Tesco for 70p.

We give these 5/5 they’re just beautiful.

Pros: free from most things, yummy, good price.

Cons: not vegan.


Go buy some! If you dont like them send them here. Nom nom.

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One thought on “Tesco Free From Chocolate Brownie Muffin

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