Rude Health “The Beetroot”

This evening we’re quicky-reviewing this bright little thing…


I’m not going to lie, it was this fabulous pink packaging which made me pick it. I used to have hair that colour. Sigh.

Rude Health The Beetroot  is marketed (alongside it’s Pumpkin flavoured sibling) on their quite nice webpage as ‘the world’s first vegetable bar’ I do love the idea and after reading the package I was expecting a more veggy focused Nakd bar. But what did I get?


I couldn’t actually capture just how magenta this bar is. Its really, really pink. This is clearly because of the beetroot cause there is no artificial rubbish in this bar.


Smelling the bar, it smells of dates. They are the main ingredient so this isn’t a great surprise. Nakd bars also include dates quite prominently and why not? They are a pretty awesome fruit.

In the mouth I unfortunately still tasted dates. Lots of dates.

Its quite a chewy consistency, but more “fleshy” and dense than a Nakd bar ( Hello Beetroot I knew you were in there) and this makes the bar quite filling and satisfying.

Despite a slight oiliness that i would have preferred to have been without it’s overall quite tasty, and I rather enjoyed the experience.

This cost me 90p in Asda.

I give this 3/5 its not a favourite but I’m intrigued enough to try another flavour.

Pros: free from lots of things, no GMs, bright colour, natural, vegan, nice webpage.

Cons: bit oily, tasted largely of dates,

P.s: I do love the tagline…


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