Organix Sweetcorn Rings (toddler grub)

Today we’re going to be reviewing something for the tiny people in your lives.


Organix Sweetcorn Rings are (as the name suggests) organic, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, sweetcorn flavoured finger food for the baby or toddler in your life.


In addition to providing lots of info about their organic endeavours and their “no junk promise” the packet is nice and bright and appealed to my little consumer (18 months going on 14). The ingredients list is reassuringly short and although I wouldn’t know Thiamin if it bought me a soya latte in Costa I’d like to think it wasn’t in there for a bad reason. The packet states gluten free and vegetarian but no mention of dairy free etc but a look around their webpage which is rather good you can easily search for their products for dietary requirements.


The rings inside look like onion rings and smell reassuringly of sweetcorn (Alpro gingerbread desserts I’m looking at you).

The taste is gentle but definitely of  sweetcorn and they have the familiar crunch of much loved onion rings (oh why do you unusually have milk in you?). I have to admit its all too bland for me, but they’re not aimed at me are they!?


Fussy Toddler quickly grabbed one and I could see that the rings were a good size for her little hands. However being a good 11 months older than the 7 months+ they’re aimed at I know these rather large snacks would have been far too large for her when she was a baby.

I can see an argument for these finger foods being too large to stuff in whole and choke on but still, we don’t all have 13lb babies with 13lb baby appetites.

Fussy toddler seem to like licking these snacks but not munching them. She ate half a ring and when offered another said “no, no, no” and threw a toy elephant at my feet. OK.

Reader, I finished the packet.

So in the interest of cutting down on food waste (and picky nomming) I did finish off the packet, they sort of grow on you and although I wouldn’t buy them to outright eat myself ah, twas a snack.

These cost 75p at Tesco.

We give them 3/5

It was a fail for the target audience but they’re nice enough and I admire the companies aims.

Pros: organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegetarian, vegan, gentle taste, nice webpage.

Cons: bit big, toddler hated them, quite pricey imho.

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