Alpro Soya Dessert (Gingerbread Man)

This afternoon we are reviewing these…


Alpro gingerbread man flavoured desserts are a relatively new addition and something I had not previously seen for sale locally. With the Alpro brand being virtually synonymous with dairy-free eating I was very eager to try these.

Sold in a pack of four like Alpro’s chocolate, vanilla and caramel flavours (my favourite is the dark choc…nom nom nom) they are in perfect single portions or for the benefit of this review one-adult-and-a-nosey-toddler. Being UHT they don’t need the fridge and would be perfect for a packed-lunch or for camping.


Upon peeling back the lid I thought there was a bit more stuck to the lid than I usually find with my Alpro desserts.


There is a strong smell of sweet (almost burnt) caramelised biscuits, “ooh” I cry, “its a bit like that Lotus caramelised biscuit spread stuff!” I’m not getting a lot of ginger tho if anything I’m thinking cinnamon.


Stirred with a spoon the consistency is definitely thicker and the word gelatinous springs to mind.

In the mouth it feels the same, disappointedly its just not as smooth as its choccy/vanilla/caramel siblings and once swallowed I found a slight greasy film in the mouth, sigh. A flip of the box reveals the reason.


The ‘wheat flour (thus gluten), sugar, palm and rapeseed oil’ that are in the Speculoos biscuit certainly aren’t doing the texture any favours. Hello to cinnamon tho, I knew you were in there somewhere… Which is more than I can say for any sort of ginger!

Fussy Toddler spat out the first mouthful (I think she was expecting choccy custard) but then happily ate quite a few spoonfuls. A slightly grumpy Mr Hubbypants was disappointed that there was only a spoonful offered to him, he was heard to exclaim “oh, yooooms, that’s alright”.

Texture aside the taste is quite nice, for Dairy-free its pleasantly creamy, we enjoyed the dessert as a whole and yup, I’d buy them again as its nice to have a new flavour and I’m thinking these could be nice with an apple crumble.

I’m surprised that they contain gluten tho. I would be upset (not to mention possibly I’ll if I’d bought these as a coeliac or gluten intolerant! I rather blindly thought Alpro was proud to be free from both dairy and gluten.

We bought these for £1.50 from Tesco.


Overall we give these 3.5/5 they were good enough to buy again but could be better.

Pros: yummy taste, free from dairy,

Cons: not gluten free, funny texture, no ginger

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2 thoughts on “Alpro Soya Dessert (Gingerbread Man)

  1. […] you are met by a pleasant ginger smell (take note you strangely lovable yet not a hint of ginger Alpro Gingerbread Man Dessert). He looks like a gingerbread man, smells like a gingerbread man, things are looking […]


  2. Secular Vegan says:

    I bought these from Tesco’s (when the whole range was on special offer) but wasn’t keen on them and haven’t bought them again. A child might like them though. I’ll stick with the other flavours.


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