Goody Good Stuff Cola Bottles

So today we popped into our local Tesco and spotted these fizzy little wonders in the Free-From section.


Goody Good Stuff Cola Breeze bottles are gluten, dairy, egg and meat free making them perfect for vegetarians and vegans alike who hunger for the fizzy delights of gummy cola bottles without the dead animal element (just listen to those carrots scream).

Containing only natural colours and flavours and bearing the tagline “naturally delicious” you get the feeling these guys actually care, but what are they like?


Well they certainly look and feel the part, they have a good covering of sugar and underneath the familiar fade from cola brown to bottle white is present.

If you give them a good squeeze you’ll find them a little softer than perhaps you were expecting but once you pop one in your mouth all the gummy chewiness you remember is right there ready to be nommed.

I was impressed and even fussy Mr Hubbypants was pleasantly surprised stating clearly “mmm they’re alright aren’t they?” Praise indeed.
We were both of the opinion that they were maybe not as tangy as we expected but were of a fresh, yummy taste with a pleasant fizz. Chewy without being sticky and the bag soon disappeared…

Fussy Toddler did not participate in this tasting being a little young to safely eat such even as a treat without us fearing a choking hazard. However because of the natural credentials of these bottles I would like to think these were a healthier alternative to the wider available gummies.

Overall we give these 4/5

Pros: good taste, natural, free from pretty much everything!

Cons: cost £1.50, not widely available around here (this is Cornwall tho…)

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One thought on “Goody Good Stuff Cola Bottles

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